In April, 2016, the EMI Pakistan team landed in Lahore to participate in and support the Lahore Music Meet (LMM), 2016. Organized by Music Meet, this two-day music festival was held on the 2nd and of 3rd April at the Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore. EMI Pakistan was proud to be an official festival partner for the event aimed at creating a platform that works towards encouraging music to thrive in Pakistan by hosting musicians, prodLMM’16 invited numerous renowned names from the music industry including folk singer ‘Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi’, classical folk singer ‘Mai Dhai’, contemporary Fusion Orchestra ‘Sounds of Kolachi’ and indie-rock band ‘Red Blood Cat’. The event brought forward a wide range of awe-inspiring outdoor performances from artists from across the country and engaged the audience in insightful discussions on noteworthy topics about the music industry. Some panelists worthy of mention include Tina Sani, Amjad Pervez, Ali Zafar, Ustad Badar uz Zaman, Khalid Asghar, Noori and Ali Sethi. EMI Pakistan represented by Mr. Zeeshan Chaudhary participated in two panel sessions namely, ‘The Dissemination of Music in the Digital Age’ and ‘EMI and Music Protection’.cers, artists, academics and audiences from around the country to take music to the next level.


Showcase Southasia

The Showcase South Asia Signature Series was released to commemorate the birthday of EMI Pakistan on January 1st, 2016. Twenty volumes were launched; ten of which were released before the 1st of January and the other 10 after, each featuring popular tracks from Top Artists in the EMI Repertoire. The idea behind the Signature Series was to bring about a revival of the greatest artists of the EMI Pakistan family to the audiences at large.


The Signature Series has been named ‘Showcase South Asia’ quite aptly, since Urdu as a language shares a distinct phonetic quality with the other South Asian languages. As a marketing strategy this caters to a larger cross-section of society encompassing a wider audience of listeners in the 15-30 age brackets, who have little or no exposure to the past greats. Thus, this series is a positive step for the music lovers, as it will broaden their horizons and help them relive the fabulous melodies that have withstood the test of time.


The Signature Series has been designed in such a way that most tracks in each album include some hit songs, which are the signature tracks of the artists, whereas some obscure, unknown B-side tracks are also going to take people by surprise. These are the tracks that were not very commercially viable, yet are technically far superior to more popular numbers. We at EMI Pakistan feel the audience needs to be musically educated regarding the not so hot numbers as they too have a lot to offer to the avid music listener.


The Signature Series holds a lot of significance, as the bulk of the albums is the ‘best of’ the compilation series. It encapsulates the finest, creative works of individual artists and features numerous masterpieces produced by them. It portrays the very essence and the public persona of every artist in the South Asia Series and represents the sheer mastery and craftsmanship of each.


With the Showcase South Asia Signature Series, EMI Pakistan is hopeful in re-introducing the lost music legacy to receptive audiences who are eager to re-discover heritage music. It will revolutionize the music arena by bringing forth a new group of listeners; help them develop a discerning taste in order to savor the unique taste of every artist in the repertoire and be better informed about fast changing musical trends as well. These albums are the cultural heritage of our region and need to be showcased and promoted. This treasure needs to be preserved for the coming generations, so that younger generations can value their culture and learn to take pride in their forefathers’ legacy. Showcase South Asia series is a celebration and a tribute to these beautiful artists, so that their music can live on in people’s hearts and minds forever.