Launch of Fuzon’s 3rd Album ‘IkRanjha’

‘IkRanjha is fresh yet fully drenched in the classical element. It puts to shame those whose sole raison d’être is to pay tributes’ – Verdict, Express Tribune (ET - December 8, 2015)


Eminent pop/rock music band, Fuzon launched its 3rd music album titled ‘IkRanjha’ in August, 2015 under the umbrella of EMI Pakistan. Featuring the legacy of the legends, each track in the album is a tribute to music’s celebrated classics such as Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Noor Jahan and TufailNiazi. Few tracks to look forward include ‘Gulon Main Rang’, ‘Lai Be QadraanNaalYaari’ and ‘Mere Shouq Da Nae’ revisited in the voice of KhurramIqbal, Fuzon’s new vocalist and team member of Saregamapa Singing Star (2010) fame.


The tracks were licensed from EMI Pakistan’s archives as mentioned by Emu, “The reason we collaborated with EMI Pakistan was because they helped us obtain the rights to all of these classic songs by Pakistani singers” (ET). The album was digitally released with 3-days worldwide exclusivity to Saavn followed by availability of all other digital platforms. Four videos from the album are also available online for the listeners to cherish and rejoice.

Video Shoot for ‘Sansein Meri’ from Zoheb Hassan’s Signature

During the 1980s and 90s, Nazia and Zoheb Hassan rose to fame and became the sub-continent’s most recognizable pop icons. The legacy of the duo is survived by Zoheb Hassan who has been performing solo since his sister’s untimely death in 2000. After releasing Kismet in 2006, Zoheb is back with his 7th album titled ‘Signature’. The album is a musical insight into the life of the singer and the struggles of his family over the years following his sister’s death. The album was recorded in England, India and Pakistan and has contributions from artists like Stereo Nation, DJ Swami and Emu from Fuzon.


The first video from the album for the track ‘Always on My Mind’ was launched in September, 2015. The video was shot in India and received an overwhelming response. The next two videos are scheduled to be shot in Pakistan. Following the release of the three videos, the complete album will be released worldwide. EMI Pakistan feels honored to re-launch Zoheb Hassan for his full-fledge comeback album and relive memories of working with the duo once again. The video shoot for the track ‘SanseinMeri’ was conducted in April, 2016 along with Slingshot Films and is scheduled to release on Chand Raat of Eid-ul-Fitr 2016.